Centre for
Post Graduate Studies

Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence,
Centre for Post Graduate Studies is in the forefront of
private educational institutions in the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur!

About P.G.Centre

Centre for Post Graduate Studies, known as, P.G.Centre, focuses on academic, cultural and social education, located in Thrissur town, the cultural capital of Kerala. It has completed now 35 years of its socially relevant activities.

Begun in 1986, as a coordinated project of a few post graduates just out of college, now P.G.Centre has reached the forefront of private educational institutions in the district.

Constant up-gradation, exploration of untrodden paths, and experimentation have kept the institution vibrant and responsive to the new generation.

Rank Holders from our recent batches

Nithya Sukumaran

M.Sc Maths (University of Calicut)
1 st Rank


Sowmya K.M


MA Economics (University of Calicut)
1 st Rank

Sreeja Sreekumar Pillai


MA English (University of Calicut)
2 nd Rank

Reshma K.R


MA Sociology (University of Calicut)
3 rd Rank

Rondrix CF


MCom Finance (University of Calicut)
1st Rank

Faizal VS


MCom Finance (University of Calicut)
1st Rank

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Academic library at P.G. Centre with 9000+ titles, various Journals, News papers & Periodicals for reference & lending.

Bourgeois virtues are ‘cloistered virtues,’ just hallucinations; they vanish into thin air in the face of bitter realities.

Prof. V. Aravindakshan (Our founder Principal, Famous scholar & writer, Former Director of Encyclopedia Dept. Kerala & former HoD of English, Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur)

Student Life and Activities

Regular Activities

Seminars, department -wise quiz competitions, debates, talk
shows etc.

Nature Club

Discussions, study tours, nature interpretation programs assistance in the progress of students towards a right ecological frame of academic input.

Media Club

Film festivals and screening of selected films to promote students’ awareness and appreciation.

Campus Magazine

Regular publishing to help to develop students’ social, literary
and political views.

Arts & Cultural Fest

College Arts Day and University level participation facilitating equal chances to all those talented budding artists. Equal attention is paid to all sorts of literary and artistic competitions as well.

SDE Fest

We participate in both district and University level arts, fine arts and literary competitions conducted by the University of Calicut.

Sports & Games

Equal relevance is given to the sports and games challenges
held under the district and university level conducted by the University of Calicut. Separate Sports Day in the college is also held annually.

Food Fest

Our taste buds are astir with the annual sumptuous food fest held
every year, in sync with various themes chosen by our experts.

Onam & Christmas Celebrations

Class wise festive celebration is encouraged. An
attractive Pookalam competition is held every year before Onam.

Social Work

Visits and interactions with the inmates of Poor Homes, Old Age Homes, Orphanages and Care Centres for Disabled to develop Social commitment of the students.

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