We have been the leading in promoting brilliant students sharpen their skills in the various
disciplines and why not? We have produced many rank holders over the years. Hearty
Congratulations to all our rank holders and for making the institution proud of them.

Nithya Sukumaran

M.Sc Maths (University of Calicut)
1 st Rank


Sowmya K.M


MA Economics (University of Calicut)
1 st Rank

Sreeja Sreekumar Pillai


MA English (University of Calicut)
2 nd Rank

Reshma K.R


MA Sociology (University of Calicut)
3 rd Rank

Rondrix CF


MCom Finance (University of Calicut)
1st Rank

Faizal VS


MCom Finance (University of Calicut)
1st Rank

The previous students from our institution who secured university ranks from the University of Calicut

2008-2010MA English3rd RankNisha TS
2008-2010MA Economics2nd RankSwapna Venugopal
2007-2009MA Economics2nd RankNisha S Nair
2006-2008MA Economics1st RankShahana
2006-2008MA History2nd RankJaison TJ
2006-2008MA Economics2nd RankJainy John K
2006-2008MA Economics3rd RankLini KV
2004-2006MA English2nd RankSajeev TP
2003-2005MA English1st RankSandhya
2003-2005MA English2nd RankSheena Sara Winny
2003-2005MA Malayalam1st RankSampreetha K
2002-2004MA Malayalam4th RankAswathi PK
2002-2004MCom Tax1st RankResmi Pankajakshan
2001-2003MCom Tax2nd RankTina Chery
2001-2003MSc Maths2nd RankJaya KM
1997-1999MCom Marketing3rd RankSeena MC

UGC-NET /JRF Training in English – Within 10 years, 501 candidates qualified NET exam and 92 candidates qualified JRF.

UGC-NET /JRF Training in Commerce & Management – Within 6 years, 44 candidates qualified NET exam and 8 candidates qualified JRF.

UGC-NET /JRF Training in Malayalam – In 4 batches 12 candidates qualified NET exam and 6 candidates qualified JRF.

Arts, Fine Arts & Literature

Arts, Fine Arts & Literature: Our talented teachers in arts, fine-arts and literature train
those potential students to shine as the brightest among an array of many talented
performers in university level competitions. Our hearty congratulations to all winners so far
as they have glorified the institutions’ name further.

Sports & Games

Our expert teachers / External coaches train interested students for university level